3 Things Every Senior Should Know about Care for a Cat at Home

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Caring for a cat may not seem like a complicated thing, but it can be, especially for elderly individuals who may be having difficulty tending to their own basic care. June is Adopt a Cat Month, which makes Home Care in North Canton OHthis an optimal time to discuss three things every senior should know about caring for this type of furry animal.

1. Cats may seem independent, but they need attention.

For the most part, cats have a tendency to come across as aloof, unconcerned about human companionship, and quite independent. All cats, whether they prefer staying inside or outside, will require human interaction.  Cats are domesticated which means they rely on human care for their own livelihood. Before making the decision to adopt, seniors should really think about whether or not they have the desire or time to spend time with their furry friend.

2. The litter box should be cleaned out regularly.

Far too many people have a tendency to ignore the litter box and only clean it once a week. This is not only unsanitary and unhealthy, it’s also unfair to the animal. Just consider what it might be like to use a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned or toilet that has been flushed in days or even an entire week. It’s not something most people would find appealing.  The seniors’ ability to kneel down and clean out the litter box should also be considered before adopting.

3. Cats can get sick too.

Like humans, cats require vaccinations and regular medical check-ups.  They can also get sick, just like humans. Seniors who no longer drive or who may have difficulty carrying the cat in a carrier will also want to consider this aspect of feline care.

Family members, friends, and even neighbors might be able to help from time to time, but an experienced in-home care provider hired through a local agency could be the best asset in helping them take care of this beloved four-legged friend.

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