Caregiver Tips: Dealing with Criticism about Your Care

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Taking on the role of being a family caregiver for your elderly parents is not an easy step. Even if your aging loved ones only need a small amount of care and assistance to handle needs such as running Caregiver in Navarre OHerrands, getting to doctors’ appointments, and keeping up with their home, the transition into being a caregiver is a major change in your life. Making these changes even more difficult both during the initial transition and later as your parents’ care needs progress is criticism coming from others outside of your care efforts.

Facing criticism about how you choose to care for your elderly parents or the decisions you have made regarding your senior care plan as a whole can be emotionally trying and frustrating. Feeling the pressure of others telling you that you are doing something wrong only increases your level of stress and makes you second-guess all of your efforts. When this happens, it is important to remember that the care you give your seniors is vital to their quality of life and when you let the thoughts and opinions of others distract you, you put your ability to care for them to the best of your ability in jeopardy.

Dealing with criticism about your care may be difficult, but it is important to making sure that you continue giving the care your elderly loved ones need and reducing your level of stress. When you are facing criticism, whether it is from your siblings, your spouse, neighbors, or even your aging parents themselves, try these tips for coping with it and not letting it diminish your care:

• Say thank you. Nobody likes to admit it, but many people criticize others simply so they feel better about themselves. Whether it is because they feel bad that they do not care for their parents or are jealous that you seem to have yourself together so much that you can handle your children, marriage, career, and aging loved ones, people around you may issue critics and unpleasant statements as a way to bring you down. Rather than allowing that to happen, thank the person for their interest in your care and their input. Showing appreciation not only makes you feel better, it removes the incentive for those people who purposely want to upset you

• Let it go. The phrase “water off a duck’s back” is perfect in this situation. When it rains or a ducks dives, the water does touch him, but it immediately rolls right off. Make an effort to be like this with negative statements about your care. Rather than internalizing them and dwelling on them, let them roll right off of you and do not think about them again. If you are a person who puts great stock in symbolism, try writing down what the people say and then ripping up the paper

• Listen to it. Not all criticism is meant negatively, even if it feels that way. A person may offer a comment that you take personally when they are, in fact, just trying to be helpful. If someone offers criticism about your care efforts, take a moment to think about what they said, when they said it, and why they said it. It is possible they noticed something that you have not noticed, or that they have knowledge and experience that make them feel qualified to give you advice. Even if you feel uncomfortable with the criticism or offended that they made the comment, try to determine if there is merit behind it and if there are changes you could make to improve your care efforts

• Ask for help. If you continuously hear the same types of criticism and negative comments from your family members about the care you give your parents, ask them for help. Acknowledge what they are saying and recommend that they step in and be a more active part of your senior loved ones’ care. If they do take you up on the offer, you have more help, which can be invaluable to your care efforts. If they do not, you have given them less reason to criticize you.

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