Common Signs of Health Issues with an Aging Parent

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Most family caregivers have a difficult role. They have to find a way to balance their life with caring for a senior. While this can be difficult, it is also important for them to stay updated on the Caregiver-Hartville-OHsenior’s conditions and any odd or unusual behavior they may be exhibiting. Some of the most common signs that an aging person may be developing a health issue are discussed below.

No longer able to care for themselves

One of the first things a family caregiver should evaluate each day is appearance. If seniors are unable to maintain a daily routine – including brushing their teeth and bathing – it may be an indication of physical impairments, depression, or even dementia. It is also important to pay attention to the senior’s home. Do the lights work? Is the heat on? Has the yard become overgrown? Any changes in the way as senior is doing things are clues to their health and well-being.

Signs of memory loss

Regardless of age, everyone forgets things from time to time. Modest memory issues are an extremely common part of aging and in some cases are the result of side effects from medication. However, there is a distinct difference in normal memory changes and the type of memory loss that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Take some time to evaluate the senor’s patterns of forgetfulness and if the issue is becoming worse, then medical attention may be necessary.

Is the senior safe in their home?

Look around the senior’s home to notice any red flags. For example, is the stairway narrow or cluttered? Has the senior fallen recently? Can they easily read the directions for cooking and other tasks? Do they say they don’t feel safe? Each of these questions can help a family caregiver evaluate a their health and overall happiness.

Are they safe on the road?

Many seniors lose the ability to safely drive as they get older. This is usually due to a decline in eyesight and response time. It is essential for the family caregiver to take note of the signs that it may be time to take the keys. While this can be a difficult decision, it is crucial to keep everyone safe on the road.

Take the time to evaluate safety regularly. This is the only way the family caregiver will be able to ensure their safety and well-being. The fact is that there are a number of signs, such as the ones highlighted here, that could indicate a bigger health issue. Being aware of these issues is essential.

If the family caregivers are unsure or have concerns, they should seek the advice of the doctor. It is important that these signs are not ignored, since they could result in even more issues down the road.

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