Compassionate Senior Care: Modifying Your Life to Fit Your Care Routine

Senior Care in Louisville OH

Compassion is an essential personality characteristic for anyone who wants to be effective at creating and carrying out a senior care routine for their elderly loved ones. Offering this type of care is Senior Care in Louisville OHnot just about making sure that your parents’ physical needs are met on a daily basis, but that their mental and emotional health is supported as well, and showing compassion in your care efforts enables you to do this.

One way that you can show compassion to your aging parents is to acknowledge the challenges and limitations that they face on a daily basis, appreciate how these have impacted their lives as they knew them and the modifications that they have had to make in order to accommodate these changes, and change your own routine so that you show support and solidarity in your care efforts.

For many elderly adults, some of the greatest challenges and emotional struggles that come along with aging are related to the loss of sense of self and autonomy that often come along with the limitations of aging. From how they can move around and where they are able to go independently, to what they eat and the type of recreation they can enjoy, the struggles of aging can take away the little things that make a person feel like an individual. This can be stressful and lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and loss of motivation. By acknowledging these changes and losses, and modifying your own lifestyle as to not emphasize them, you can reduce negative feelings associated with aging and enhance your senior care routine for a consistently higher quality of life.


Use these tips, and share them with your aging parents’ senior health care services provider, to modify your life to fit in with your senior care routine and the challenges and limitations that your aging loved ones face on a daily basis:

• Eat the same things. Food and eating are very strongly linked to emotion, and it can be extremely upsetting for seniors dealing with physical limitations, cognitive struggles, or dietary restrictions that keep them from enjoying the types of foods that they have always loved throughout life. It makes it even more difficult if they have to watch you eating the favorite foods they can no longer eat. Be supportive and compassionate by eating the same foods they do when you are with them;

• Moving slowly. No one likes to feel rushed or like they are holding someone else back when they are moving around. For seniors with mobility issues or physical limitations, however, this is a common feeling. Make it a point to move slowly when walking with your aging loved ones or when transferring them from chairs, the bed, a car, or other locations;

• Be patient. Your aging loved ones are likely well aware of the amount of time that you spend taking care of them and the fact that you could be spending that time in other ways. If you seem frustrated, upset, or put upon when caring for them, you could put them in an uncomfortable or upsetting situation. No matter how you feel that day or how busy you are, show compassion by being patient and calm in everything that you do.

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