Elder Care Profile: Dealing with Difficult Relationships with Your Seniors

Elder Care in Jackson Township OH

When Mary’s mother fell and broke her hip, they had not spoken in nearly three years. The call that came in to Mary’s office telling her that Edna was in the emergency room and the hospital wasElder Care in Jackson Township OH admitting her for further observation came as a shock, and Mary had no time to even think about the situation and make a well-considered decision regarding what to do. The doctors said that Edna would need ongoing care throughout her recovery and maybe even beyond if she did not heal well.

Mary felt like she had no choice but to go to the hospital and face her mother, then step into the role as her caregiver. When she walked into the room and saw her mother lying in the bed, Edna did not even seem happy to see her. She rolled her eyes at her just as she had done the last time they saw each other and snapped at the nurse for letting them call her. The nurse told her that Mary was the only person listed in her medical records as an emergency contact so they had no choice. This did not appease Edna, who slumped further down in her bed and would not make eye contact with Mary.

For two weeks Edna remained in the hospital working to rehabilitate her body enough that she could go home. During these two weeks Mary frantically tried to put together an elder care plan that would work for both of them. She contacted the agency in the area to find out about this new role and what it would entail, got recommendations for companies that could make modifications to the home to make it safer and more accessible for her mother, and took a leave of absence from work to ensure she would have the time and availability to help her mother through her recovery.

When she finally got home, Edna showed no appreciation for any of the effort Mary put into making her home more comfortable, or making herself available to offer care and assistance. She remained difficult, dwelling on the situations that had separated them years before, and refusing to ask for or even accept help. At the end of the first month, Mary knew that the arrangement she had originally planned was not going to work. Edna was not recovering properly and their tense relationship was making Mary’s life extremely stressful.

Finally she made another decision. She contacted the agency again and asked about hiring an elderly health care services provider to come to the home and provide the care and assistance Edna needed. Mary went back to work and check in on her mother every couple of days to make sure she was doing well. Over the next couple of weeks, her attitude changed. Edna become more cooperative and accepting of help, and Mary was able to reach out to her to start rebuilding their relationship.

Sometimes elder care journeys begin when a difficult relationship exists between the senior and the intended caregiver. This can place a major strain on the care plan and even reduce the effectiveness of the care efforts. When this happens, relying on a professional care provider can reduce the pressure and help the senior to feel more willing to accept help. If you are facing a difficult relationship with your elderly parent but she is in need of care, get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out about hiring an elderly health care services provider to offer support and assistance.

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