Family Offers Some of the Best Benefits for Senior Care (but Maybe Not Like How You Think)

Senior Care in Akron OH

According to the AARP, there are proximally 44.4 million family caregivers working in this country at Senior Care in Akron OHthis time. Many of those caregivers don’t consider other senior care options, mostly because they either believe it’s their duty and responsibility to take care of their elderly loved one, or they have bought into various myths and misconceptions about professional senior home services.

Many of these family caregivers ultimately realize just how much work it is to support an aging individual, even if it is a beloved parent, grandparent, or other family member. They begin to experience incredible amounts of stress and anxiety, feel burned out, and give up various aspects of their personal life in order to continue providing care for the senior in their life.

While it’s always beneficial to rely on experienced caregivers hired through an agency, there are a number of benefits that family members can offer the senior through proper care, but it might not be just what many people immediately consider or assume.

How family members can provide positive support to the senior in their life without being caregivers.

While it’s noble to want to take care of aging parents or other loved ones when they need help, it’s not always the best situation. Many family members focus on safety and security for their elderly loved ones above all other issues. That can often lead to discouraging the senior to pursue various interests and activities, to remain home rather than going out, avoiding going to the park, and keeping them from doing various tasks around the house.

However, at the same time, many seniors spend the majority of their time alone. This can lead to loneliness and feelings of isolation. Stopping by to visit as often as possible can be a great way to support the senior. This is a great form of senior care that family members can do while leaving the actual basic care tasks in the hands of an experienced professional.

May 18th is Visit Your Relatives Day. It’s easy to let the hectic nature of life get in the way and people might not stop by to visit their family members for weeks or even months at a time. This year, make it a priority to stop by and visit that senior in your life as often as possible. If you don’t live close enough, consider setting up a Skype or Google Talk account for each of you, and then videoconference with them so they can feel like they are right there with you, at least as often as possible.

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