Heat, Stress, and Home Care Services: Why it Matters

Home Care Services in Perry Township OH

The heat can get to just about anyone, regardless of age. It can have a direct impact on not only the way people feel, but their energy levels and even their safety. Extreme heat, especially for Home Care Services in Perry Township OHextended periods of time, can be extremely dangerous for very young children and infants, as well as seniors.

Seniors are at an increased risk of dealing with heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other life threatening situations as a result of extreme heat waves. In addition, family caregivers may not pay much attention to their own body temperature because they are so busy with work, family obligations, and providing care for a senior loved one, thus placing themselves at risk for illness.  When the temperature exceeds 90° outside, it can be even more stressful and pose a number of health risks.

It’s important to know the difference between a heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  A person who is having a heat stroke will have an extremely high body temperature and will be unable to cool himself down.  On the other hand, heat exhaustion occurs in a person after he or she has been exposed to several days of extreme heat without adequate hydration.  Heat stroke is a serious illness and can sometimes lead to death.

When a person is not eating properly, not getting the right level of rest, and is not drinking enough water throughout the day, he or she runs the risk of experiencing heat stroke or heat exhaustion.  That’s why home care services is so important, especially when the weather turns extremely hot outside. If the senior does not have proper air conditioning, he or she will have to seek shelter somewhere else during an extended heat wave. An experienced in home care provider, somebody hired through an agency, will likely be able to determine if the senior is at risk and, if so, can help him or her avoid a heat-related illness.  This summer, it’s a good idea to consider talking to the senior in your life about home care services, especially when the heat is on.

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