July is National Ice Cream Month

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July is National Ice Cream Month.  There is probably nothing better to do than have a cool refreshing ice cream, when the asphalt outside in the street is hot enough to fry an egg. Sit in the shade Home Care in Jackson Township OHunder a big tree and enjoy a delightful pleasure that has been making smiles for centuries.

There are dozens of exotic flavors of ice cream that are pre-mixed. Nevertheless, half of the fun is making a customized taste sensation that makes your mouth sing … Hallelujah! The way to achieve this is to start with the foundation of high quality ice cream and throw in a few more adventuresome flavors just to have a good time. Ice cream flavors decorated with great topping flavors are the way to go.

Your elders will smile, the younger ones will smile, and the professional caregivers providing senior care or elder care will get a well-deserved break.

Get these standard flavors and add a few options:

This flavor is a MUST-HAVE. Regular chocolate is good. Deep dark Belgian chocolate flavored ice cream is so much better.

Vanilla is good. Rich creamy French Vanilla is more flavorful.

Strawberry is important. Rich fruity strawberry made with pieces of fresh strawberry fruit and strawberry juice is better.

Optional Ice Cream Flavors: This is where we all get to go a bit wild!

Lemon Sorbet
Mandarin Orange
Banana Coconut
Peanut Butter
Pink Lemonade

The Crunchy Toppings
Besides the old standards of cookie bits, candies, and sprinkles try these for flavors that are more exotic:

Candied ginger
Candied lemon peel
Candied walnuts
Caramel corn
Chopped Jalapeño
Cilantro with Jicama
Coffee Jello
Cracker Jack
Cocoa nibs
Graham Cracker Crumbs
Salted pumpkin seeds
Shredded coconut
Beer Nuts

The Perfect Result is to Finish with Soft Toppings
Besides the standards of chocolate syrup and whipped cream, try these soft toppings for a new taste sensation:

Balsamic Reduction – heat slowly balsamic vinegar, sugar and port wine until syrupy
Catsup (sounds crazy but catsup is great on vanilla ice cream and was a favorite of former President Richard Nixon)
High quality olive oil
Italian Syrups (there are dozens of flavors)
Lemon Juice
Orange honey
Pomegranate flavor
Warmed Nutella

Are you convinced yet? July is hot in many places in America, making it the perfect time to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.  Use the imagination and come up with a perfect flavor combination to celebrate.

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