National Bereavement Month: Remembering Those Who Died, But Remember to Live, Too.

Elder Care in Louisville OH

The world changes into one of sadness, disbelief and sometimes anger, when a loved one passes away.  If the death Elder Care in Louisville OHwas due to a longtime sickness and was somewhat expected, it can be a little easier to deal with than if the death was unexpected and happened suddenly.  Being surrounded by family seems to somehow soften the blow and having friends and family show their concern can be comforting.

But what happens if the person left behind is the spouse of an elderly person that recently passed away?  If the couple lived in their own home, then the living spouse will all of a sudden have to face the reality of living alone.  This change itself can have a huge impact on a person who has been used to living with someone else for a number of years.  All of a sudden, they are totally alone.  Not only are they missing the loved one, but knowing there is no one else to talk to, to do things with, to prepare meals for, etc. is quite a blow to both the physical being and the psychological one. It can be depressing to the point where the person almost cannot function alone and other family members should be aware of the situation and monitor it, without being pushy.

There are some things others can do to help the grieving person:

* Talk about the person who has passed away.  Remember things like parties attended, special events and funny family stories – the ones that are repeated constantly.  This will help the grieving person realize that they are not the only one grieving and not the only one missing the person.

* Deliver meals to the grieving person, so they won’t have to think about preparing meals the first few weeks after the death.  It can be comforting to the grieving person that others care and that others remember what they are going through.

*Give the person the space to grieve at their own pace, yet let them know you are there any time of the night or day should they need you.

* After a certain amount of time has passed, invite them to join you in certain activities you think they may enjoy.  Don’t bombard them with invites, do it sparingly as they need time to deal with this in their own way, in their own time, on their timetable, not yours.

* Send them a short note saying you are thinking of them.  Saying you miss the person who is gone will make them feel better, too.  Just knowing that others have not forgotten the person really helps a grieving spouse.

Realize they will grieve for a long time, don’t rush them through it and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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