Steps to Take when You Feel Home Care is ‘Controlling’ the Elderly Individual

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There are numerous concerns family members have when they have to hire home care services for an elderly loved one. One of the most common concerns revolves around neglect. Hiring through an agency helps to limit and minimize risk because most agencies conduct thorough interviews and many conduct Home Care in Canton OHbackground checks on all potential employees to find the best and most compassionate individuals.

Not everybody’s technique is going to be the same, though. From time to time there may be some families who believe the caregiver is ‘controlling’ the elderly client. What does this mean? It could range significantly from one family to the next.

One family may define controlling as the caregiver dictating when the clients get out of bed in the morning, what they eat for breakfast, or what activities they take part in during the day, whether the senior is interested in those things are not. Another family may define controlling as the caregiver not allowing the senior to do certain activities that are of interest to them.

So what should somebody do in this situation? Below are a number of steps to take for anyone who feels their elderly loved one is being controlled through the process of home care services.

Step #1: Determine whether it’s an independent caregiver or one hired through and placed by an agency.

Independent caregivers are hired directly from the family. If the caregiver works for an agency, that makes it easier to determine the right course of action for ‘controlling’ individuals.

Step #2: Discuss your concerns with the agency or caregiver.

It’s always best to address any concerns directly with the caregiver before moving onto the agency. It may very well be miscommunication at the heart of the problem. It also might be a difference in expectations.

Step #3: Possibly request a change in caregiver.

Agencies usually employ many different caregivers and can place a different one with the elderly client to see if things improve.

Ultimately, what may be viewed by some as controlling may actually be providing the best support for the elderly individual in their particular situation. Don’t allow misunderstandings or lack of information to destroy what may very well be an incredibly powerful relationship between the senior and home care services.

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