The Stress of Moving and Your Elderly Loved One

Elderly Care in Massillon OH

No matter how much we want to believe that our elderly loved ones will never have to move, sometimes that is just not possible. If you’re in a situation where you have to help your elderly relative Elderly Care in Massillon OHmove, it’s important to make sure that you are compassionate about the entire process. Whether it’s a move that he is looking forward to or not, compassion can solve quite a few problems before they worsen.

Planning the Move

Whether your loved one is moving in with you or into another environment, it’s important that he feels involved in the decisions. If he’s physically, mentally, or emotionally unable to be involved, you can still make sure that he’s prepared for the shock of the move. If you have to downsize at all, it’s especially important that he’s involved in that process. It’s entirely possible that your loved one has spent decades in his current home, so it makes sense that he’ll need some time to come to terms with the move, even if it is one that he wants to make.

Making the New Home a Home

It’s a little bit jarring to wake up the day after a move and have that split second where you don’t recognize your surroundings. That moment is even more jarring for elderly loved ones who may have issues with memory trouble. One way to combat this is to make the new home a home as quickly as possible on moving day. This can mean making sure that the bedroom is set up in the same way that it was in the old house, or at the very least making sure that familiar items are unpacked and placed out the night before. This isn’t always possible, of course, but it helps to establish a familiar environment as quickly as possible. Having the same home care workers visiting your elderly relative in his new location can make the situation feel more familiar, too.

Talk with Your Loved One

Even if your loved one wanted this move, he can have some strong feelings about it both during and after. Make sure that you touch base frequently with him to make sure that he’s doing okay throughout the process. It could mean that he just needs to take a break during the move or that he only wants to be involved after everything is done. Make sure that his needs are met and that he doesn’t feel ignored or overlooked during the move.

Once you have the physical move out of the way, you and your elderly loved one can make strides toward feeling more at ease. Talk with your loved one’s elder care providers to see if they have any suggestions as well.

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