Tips for Helping Seniors Stay Fit

Senior Care in North Canton OH

Regular physical activity is an important part of staying healthy, especially for seniors who are at risk of developing age-related medical issues. Getting exercise can be challenging for those whoSenior Care in North Canton OH are out of shape or have physical limitations due to arthritis or other conditions that restrict mobility, but elder care can make it easier for seniors to stay fit. The following tips include simple yet effective ways for the elderly to get physical activity on a daily basis with the help of caregivers.

Going for a Stroll

Seniors who are unable to run or jog can still stay in shape by taking daily strolls. Caregivers can assist these seniors if needed by joining them on walks around the neighborhood. When it’s too cold or rainy to go outside, seniors can still get exercise by strolling around the house.


Stretching is an easy exercise that can be performed anywhere. Doing stretches helps seniors stay flexible, which can help ease pain and stiffness. Stretching regularly can also make it easier for seniors to perform daily tasks, including cooking. Simple stretches that seniors can do include arm stretches, back stretches and leg stretches. Caregivers can provide seniors with support if needed and ensure that they don’t injure themselves by stretching too far and pulling a muscle.

Doing Chair Exercises

These exercises involve holding onto a chair for support while working on improving balance. They also include exercises that can be done while sitting on a chair, such as shoulder rolls. Seniors can do leg lifts in order to develop a better sense of balance, which helps reduce the risk of falling. Having the chair for support helps lower the risk of injury while exercising. Caregivers can also provide additional support if needed.

Lifting Weights

Seniors can keep their arm muscles in shape by doing some light weightlifting each day or every other day. Free weights that are between three to five pounds are ideal, but seniors can also improvise with household items, such as a filled water bottle, if weights aren’t available. Seniors should aim to do weight lifting in sets of ten repetitions per arm and gradually increase the number of sets as they build up strength and endurance. Caregivers should make sure that seniors stretch their arms before lifting weights in order to reduce the risk of muscle injuries.

Trying Tai Chi

This form of exercise, which has been around for centuries, combines gentle physical movements with deep breathing in order to improve stability. Tai Chi can also help seniors reduce stress, which helps improve their quality of life. Caregivers can help seniors adopt a daily Tai Chi workout routine that includes movements they’re comfortable doing.

Going for a Swim

Swimming provides seniors with a fun and relaxing way to get in shape and give their lungs, heart and muscles a good workout. It’s also an ideal activity for those who suffer from joint pain and stiffness, since it doesn’t put pressure on the joints. Seniors can join a local swim class or visit their community pool to enjoy this physical activity.

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